The Magick and Power of Futhark

Raido, R Uruz, U Nauthiz, N Ehwaz, E Sowelu, S

Introduction to Runecraft

The Oracle of The Self-The Gods' Runes (aka The Ęttir)-Preliminary Exercises

Bind Runes-Numerical Symbolism-Color Symbolism-
Transliteration of Modern English into Runes-Making a Talisman
Signing and Sending of Runes-Sign Magick-Spells and Rituals-Invocation
Magickal Tools and Attire-Correspondences
Meditations-Stadhagaldr-Elements-Runic Streams-Intake of World and Earth Streams-Divination
Definitions of Terms-Books About Runes

The Oracle of The Self

To use the runes, below, as an oracle, close your eyes,
focus on your question while moving the mouse over the runes,
then click whenever you feel you should stop moving your hand...

Or just click on the one that most appeals to you...

Click on a Rune to learn more about it...

Fehu, F Uruz, U Thurusaz, TH Ansuz, A Raido, R

Kano, K Gebo, G, as in 'go' Wunjo, W Hagalaz, H Nauthiz, N

Isa, EE Jera, Y, as in 'yes,' (A after 600C.E.) Eihwaz, EI Perth, P Algiz, a final R

Sowelu, S Teiwaz, T Berkana, B Ehwaz, E Mannaz, M

Laguz, L Inguz, NG, as in 'song' Othila, O Dagaz, D, pron. th, as in 'the'

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The Gods' Runes

The traditional German futhark is comprised of 24 Runes.
These are divided into three groups of eight Runes each,
three and eight being magick numbers. The three groups,
known as ęttir, are named for the
Norse gods
Freyr, Hagal, and Tyr. The three ęttir are:

Freyr's Aettir (Eight):

Hagal's Aettir (Eight):

Tyr's Aettir (Eight):

The blank Rune is Odin's Rune.

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Preliminary Exercises

To master the art of Runecrafting
one must first become familiar with this ancient and mystical tool.
To uncover the secrets contained in these staves of old, one must get
to know them, intimately...

I. Read the descriptions of the Runes and determine which
one you are most drawn to. Make a 3x5 meditaion card out of
a piece of white poster board, or a blank 3x5 index card. Paint
the chosen image on the card in bright red (enamel is good). Sit
in a comfortable postion with the card in front of you at eye level.
Begin to breath in an even rhythm that you can comfortably maintain
through out this exercise. Spend a few minutes concentrating on the
form of the image while silently chanting the image's name three times -
pause - then again three times, and again... Maintain all three methods of
concentration on shape, sound, breath, and posture under control for several
minutes, then close your eyes and visualize the shape in your "mind's eye."
Continue practicing this until you can perform it easily for 10 minutes.

II. Repeat excersize I, but sing the name of the image,
(and the mantra, if you'd like) out loud while maintaining
a breathing in the following pattern: inhale and hold your
breath for 2 seconds, exhale for 10 seconds while singing the
name of the image, then hold the expellation for 2 seconds. At
this point start experimenting with other simple postures, both
sitting and standing. Alwasy maintian the posture in a concentrated
state, but do not strain. Concentrate on the card for a few
minutes before closing your eyes and visualizeing its form ablaze with
vivid power. Continue to practice this exercise until you can easily
perform it for 10 minutes.

III. Do this exersize in the
Isa stadha.
Begin to breath in the 10-2-10-2 pattern outlined above
(or as close as you can manage comfortably) while facing north.
With your eyes open or closed visualize Fehu in blazing red
while chanting its name out loud three times. Slowly turn towards the
east, visualizing and chanting the form and name of each of the remaining
24 Runes in order while maintaining the Isa stadha and above breathing
pattern. Once you are able to perform this exercise in an almost instinctual manner
with few or no breaks in your concentration, you may begin to performing rune work.

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All information in these pages comes from the following sources:

and The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum.

A now out of print and rare book and stones set.
It can still be bought, used, at the above link, though.

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