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Algiz- Berkana- Dagaz- Ehwaz- Eihwaz- Fehu- Gebo- Hagalaz- Inguz- Isa- Jera- Kano- Laguz-
Mannaz- Nauthiz- Othila- Odin's Rune (blank)- Perth- Raido- Sowelu- Teiwaz- Thurisaz- Uruz- Wunjo-

Ansuz (Proto-Germanic)): a god, ancestral god; Ansus (Gothic):
a runic god name; Ós (Old English): a god; Ass (Old Norse): a god one of the Æsir

Phonetic values: a (o in the A-S row).
Esoteric interpretation of name: Ódin of the Æsir.
Ideographic Interpretation: the wind-blown cloak of Ódin.

Ansuz is the tremendous mystery of the rune row.

This rune is part of the creation of mankind.
It describes two of the spiritual gifts, önd
or anda (breath, spirit, animating life principle)
and ódhr (inspired mental activity, inspiration) to
Askr and Embla by the triple aspect of Odin, Hoenir, Lódhurr,
and Odin. This is Odin’s stave, a symbol of his magickal
powers and ecstatic existence.

Ansuz is the receiver/container and transformer/expresser
of spiritual power and supernatural knowledge. This force is a gift
of the Æsir for humanity to pass on to the multiverse in magickal and
religious rites. This system of power works along with that described by
Odin’s reception of rune wisdom and subsequent expression of that wisdom to
mankind. It is through Ansuz that divine knowledge is received,
contained, and the power itself, which is made manifest in states of
ecstasy. This container/contained duality is common for symbols of
inspiration and ecstasy. In Norse mythology the poetic mead of inspiration
and the vessel in which it is contained are both known by the same
name, Óthroerir (the exciter of inspiration). This is the ecstasy
that leads to the formation of a body of lore and wisdom.

This is the rune of song, poetry, word, and magickal incantation;
(Galdr) as a container and expresser of magickal power.

The magickal power of Ansuz is ancestral, having been handed down
from generation to generation encoded in human DNA. For the people of Germany
the power link between gods and man is unbroken, they know they are "descended
from their Gods." Through the power of this rune knowledge of mans link
to the ancestral gods can be regained.

This rune also embodies the death mysteries of the Æsir.

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Key Words:
Divine knowledge
Death mysteries

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ansuz ansuz ansuz

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Stand upright. Stretch out both arms parallel, pointing them down slightly,
with the left arm lower than the right. Face either north or east.

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Magickal Uses:
Increase of both active and passive magickal powers and clairvoyant abilities, etc.
Convincing and magnetic speech, and the power of suggestion and hypnosis.
Acquiring creative wisdom, inspiration, ecstasy, and divine communication.
Banishing death and terror through knowledge of Odin.

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Oracular Interpretation:

The keynote here is receiving: messages, signals, gifts.
Even a timely warning may be seen as a sift.
The message may be that of a new life unfolding.
New lives begin with new connections, urprising
linkages that direct you onto new pathways. Take
care now to be especially aware during meetings, visits,
chance encounters, particularly with persons wiser than yourself.
When the Messenger Rune brings sacred knowledge, you are truly blessed.

Loki is the ancient trickster from the pantheon of the
Norse gods. He is the heyeohkah of the Native Americans,
a mocking shadow of the creator god, as well as the bringer
of benefits to humankind. He is a reminder that even scoundrels
and arch-thieves can be the bearers of wisdom. When you draw this
Rune, expect the unexpected: The message is always a call, a call to new life.

Ansuz is the first of the thirteen Runes that make up the Cycle of Initiation -
Runes that focus directly upon the mechanism of self-change - and as such, addresses
our need to integrate unconscious motive with conscious intent.

Drawing Ansuz
tells you that connection with the Divine is at hand. It is a signal to explore the depths,
the foundations of life, and to experience the inexhaustible wellspring of the Divine in your nature.

At the same time, you are reminded that you must first draw from the well
to nourish and give to yourself. Then there will be more than enough to
nourish others. A new sense of family solidarity invests this Rune.

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You may be concerned over what appears to be failed communication, lack of
clarity or awareness either in your past history or in a present situation.
You may feel inhibited from accepting what is offered. A sense of futility,
of wasted motion, may overwhelm you. Remember, however, that what is happening
is timely to your process. If the well is clogged, this is the moment for cleaning
out the old. Reversed, Ansuz is saying: Consider the uses of adversity.

--Copied word for word from The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum

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All information in these pages comes from the following sources:

and The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum.

A now out of print and rare book and stones set.
It can still be bought, used, at the above link, though.

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