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Algiz- Ansuz- Berkana- Dagaz- Eihwaz- Fehu- Gebo- Hagalaz- Inguz- Isa- Jera- Kano- Laguz
Mannaz- Nauthiz- Othila- Odin's Rune (blank)- Perth- Raido- Sowelu- Teiwaz- Thurisaz- Uruz- Wunjo-

Ehwaz (Proto-Germanic): horse, or Ehwo: the two horses; Ahws (Gothic):stallion;
Eh (Old English): war horse; or (Old Norse, used only in occult contexts, and
not found in the Younger Futhark): horse

Phonetic value: e
Esoteric interpretation of name: the twin gods or heroes in equine aspect.
Ideographic interpretation: Two upright poles bound together to symbolize
divine twins; also the sign of two horses facing one another.

Ehwaz represents the power of the twin gods.
This power construct mirrors that of a dual form of
Germanic kingship. Mythologically these beings were
often depicted as horses, such as Hengist (stallion)
and Horsa (horse), the Saxon conquerors of Britain.
Also, the name of the Vedic twin gods, the Asvinau,
literally means "the two horses." The forces that
make up this dual construct have a harmonious
relationship, as opposed to that of the Algiz
Rune. The horse is a source of divine knowledge,
and horses were often consulted by the ancient
Germanic priests in divinatory rites.

This Rune has a spiritual quality closely connected to mankind (Mannaz).
In Old Norse it is said: marr er manns fylgja (the horse is a man's fetch). The
bind Rune formed by combining Ehwaz and Mannaz, called Em, means "I am."

Ehwaz aids in the journey between the worlds of Yggdrasill -
the magician may literally ride its power through the realm of reality.
Ehwaz is the Rune of Sleipnir, Odins eight-legged horse. Many runic
talismans portray a man riding a horse as a symbol of integrated magickal
protection, under the rulership of Odin. This is the otherworldly aspect
of Ehwaz, but the horse is also connected with fertility magick,
and therefore to Freyr, the god of fertility, peace, and sensuality.

This is a Rune of trust and loyalty.
The spiritual relationship that a horseman
develops with his horse is a good example of
the strength of this Rune. There is a lot of
power to be gained in this secret.

Ehwaz is the combination of two sympathetic, yet dually aligned
forces or entities (such as body/soul, man/horse, man/fylgja) that
work harmoniously together to accomplish the same goal.

This Rune is the symbol of the ideal man-woman relationship
and therefore is the mystery of lawful marriage.

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Key Words:
Harmonious duality
Vehicle of otherworldly journeys
Trust, loyalty
Legal marriage

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Galdr (Mantra):
ehwaz ehwaz ehwaz
eeeehwaaaaazzzz ehwuz ehwaz ehwiz ehwez ehwoz
ehwoz ehwez ehwiz ehwaz ehwuz

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Stdhur (Positions):
I. Stand straight with both arms slanted, the left arm pointed upward and
the right arm pointed downward to form the alternate form of Ehwaz, a slant-crossed "T."
II. If you have a partner performing a ritual with you, stand facing one another,
each with your arms extended outwards, in front of your bodies, slanting downward.

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Magickal Uses:
Facilitation of astral travel throughout the worlds and projection of the soul into Midgard.
Realization of fundamental unity of the psychosomatic complex.
Imparts trust and loyalty.
A source of prophetic wisdom.
Projection of magickal power.
Facilitates swiftness in all regards.

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Oracular Interpretation:

Ehwaz is a Rune of transit, transition and movement; of physical shifts,
new dwelling places, new attitudes or new life. It also signifies movement
in the sense of improving or bettering any situation.

There is about
this Rune a sense of gradual development and steady progress, with the accompanying
notion of slow growth through numerous shifts and changes. This could apply to the
growth of a business or to the development of an idea. A relationship may need to
undergo changes if it is to live and grow. Moral effort and steadfastness are called
for when you draw Movement, another of the Cycle Runes. Let it be said this way: As
I cultivate my own nature, all else follows.

This Rune's symbol is the horse, and it signifies the bond between horse and rider.
Bronze Age artifacts show a horse drawing the sun across the sky. Here, Ehwaz
is saying, you have progressed far enough to feel a measure of safety in your position.
Now it is time to turn again and face the future reassured, prepared to share the good
fortune that comes your way. The sharing is significant since it relates to the sun's
power to foster life and illuminate all things with its light.

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Movement that appears to block. Be certain that what you are doing - or not doing - is timely.
There are no missed opportunities. You have simply to recognize that not all possibilities are
open to you, that not all opportunities are appropriate. The opportunity at hand may be precisely
to avoid action. If you are feeling at a loss, unclear about the need to act, consider what its
timely to your nature and remember: What is yours will come to you.

--Copied word for word from The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum

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All information in these pages comes from the following sources:

and The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum.

A now out of print and rare book and stones set.
It can still be bought, used, at the above link, though.

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