Oracular Interpretation Key Words Mantra Stöödhur(Positions) Magickal Uses

Mannaz-Nauthiz-Othila-Odin's Rune (blank)-Perth-Raido-Sowelu-Teiwaz-Thurisaz-Uruz-Wunjo-

Fehu (Proto-Germanic): mobile, property, cattle; Faíhu (Gothic): cattle,
mobile property; Foeh (Old English): cattle, money; Fé (Old Norse): livestock, money

Phonetic value: f
Esoteric interpretation of name: mobile property; power.
Idiographic interpretation: the horns of bovine livestock.

Fehu is the raw archetypal energy of motion and expansion in the multiverse.
It is the force that flows from the source of cosmic fire, Muspellsheimr. It is the
all encompassing and omnipresent power symbolized by charging cattle and by wildfire.
The cosmic fire of Muspellsheimr helped to create the world, Midgard, but it also the
principle means of destroying it during Ragnarök. Surtr, the fire giant,
spreads the flames of destruction over the world, destroying all but those gods and
humans who are to survive or be reborn into the renewed world on the Idha plain (the shining plain).
Fehu is not the undifferentiated power of the cosmic fire but rather the mystery of its eternal
working eminently throughout the multiverse.

This rune rules the basic force of fertility.

Fehu holds the mystery of both creation and destruction and the harmonious
functioning of these two extremes, which makes it a dynamic evolutionary force.
It is the Rune of eternal becoming. Fehu is the archetypal force that
gives impetus to the eternal process of arising-being/becoming-passing-away
toward new arising (birth-life-death-rebirth).

Fehu is the very essence of mobile power.

This is the Rune that facilitates the projection of soul entities and magickal
power from person to person, or from person to object, and astral travel.

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Key Words:
Mobile force
Energy, fertility

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Galdr (Mantra):
fehu fehu fehu
fu fa fi fe of
of ef if af uf

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Stadha (Position):
Slant both of your arms upward, with your left arm somewhat higher than your right;
fingers pointed for directing power, palms pointed out for drawing force.
Face toward the sun.

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Magickal Uses:
Strengthens psychic powers.
Channel for power transference or projection; the sending rune.
Drawing the projected power of the sun, moon, and stars into the personal sphere.
Promotion of personal and social evolution.
Increase in personal monetary wealth.

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Oracular Interpretation:

Fehu is a rune of fulfillment: ambition satisfied, love shared, rewards received.
It promises nourishment from the most worldly to the sacred and the Divine. For if the
ancient principle "As above so below" holds true, then we area also here to nourish God.

This Rune calls for a deep probing of the meaning of profit and gain in your life.
Look with care to know whether it is wealth and possessions you require for your well
being, or rather self-rule and the growth of a will.

Another concern of Fehu
is to conserve what has already been gained. This Rune urges vigilance and continual
mindfulness, especially in times of good fortune, for it is then that you are likely
to collapse yourself into your success on the one hand, or behave recklessly on the
other. Enjoy your good fortune and remember to share it, for the mark of the
well-nourished self is the ability and willingness to nourish others.

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There may be considerable frustration in your life if you draw
Fehu Reversed, a wide range of dispossessions ranging from
trivial to severe. You fall short in your efforts, you reach out
and miss; you are compelled to stand by and watch helplessly while
what you've gained dwindles away. Observe what is happening. Examine
these events from an open perspective and ask, "What do I need to learn
from this in my life?"

Even if there is occasion for joy, do not
let yourself be seduced into mindless joyousness. Reversed, this Rune
indicates that doubtful situations are abundant and come in many forms
and guises. Here you are being put in touch with the shadow side of
possessions. Yet all this is part of coming to be and passing away,
and not that which abides. In dealing with the shadow side of
Fehu you have an opportunity to recognize where your
true nourishment lies.

--Copied word for word from The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum

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All information in these pages comes from the following sources:

and The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum.

A now out of print and rare book and stones set.
It can still be bought, used, at the above link, though.

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