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Mannaz-Othila-Odin's Rune (blank)-Perth-Raido-Sowelu-Teiwaz-Thurisaz-Uruz-Wunjo-

Nauthiz or Naudhiz (Proto-Germanic): need, (fatalistic) compulsion; Nauths (Gothic): necessity, need;
Nyd (Old English): need, distress; Naudh(r) (Old Norse): distress, need, constraint

Phonetic value: n
Esoteric interpretation of name: need-fire and deliverance from distress.
Ideographic interpretation: Need, necessity, resistance, recognition of Wyrd.

Oracular Interpretation:

The necessity of learning to deal with severe constraint
is the lesson of Nauthiz. This Rune represents the
obstacles we create for ourselves as well as those we encounter
in the world around us. Both can be equally difficult to handle.

The role of Nauthiz is to identify our shadow,
our dark or repressed side, places where growth has been
stunted, resulting in weaknesses that are often projected
onto others. Don't take this world personally, this
Rune is saying Work with the shadow, examine what it is in your
nature that attracts hardship or misfortune to your life. When
at last you can look upon the Rune of Constraint with a smile, you
will recognize the troubles, denials and setbacks of life as
your teachers, guides and allies.

The need for restraint is unquestionable here.
Drawing this Rune indicates that there may well
be holdups and reasons to reconsider your plans
carefully. Clearly, there is work to be done on
yourself. So take it on with good humor and
show perseverance.

This is a time to pay off old debts, to restore, if not harmony,
at least balance. So mend, restore, redress: When fisherman can't
go to sea they repair nets. Let the constraints of the time serve
you in righting your relationship to your Self. Be mindful that
rectification must come before progress. And as always, consider
the uses of adversity.

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As part of the Cycle of Initiation, Nauthiz is
the great teacher disguised as the bringer of pain and
limitation. It has been said that only at the moment of
greatest darkness do we become aware of the light within
and come to recognize the true creative power of the self.

When something within you is disowned wreaks havoc.
A cleansing is required here; in undertaking it, you
fund a will and strengthen character. Begin with what
is most difficult and proceed to that which is easy. Or,
conversely, begin with what is easy and proceed to that
which is most difficult. Either way, remember that "suffering,"
in its original sense, merely meant "undergoing." Thus you are
required to undergo the dark side of your passage and bring it into
the light. Controlling your anger, restraining you impulses, keeping
your faith firm - all this is at issue here. Modesty and good temper
are essential at such a challenging time.

Nauthiz is the cosmic force used by the powers
that form the "fates" (orlög) of mankind and the
world (Nornir). Nauthiz doesn't symbolize orlög;
rather it embodies a cosmic force that is necessary to its
formulation, that of resistance. It is a combination
of an implied thesis and antithesis that is expressed throughout
the Rune row. It is a two-pronged idea. It contains the concept
of distress as well as the deliverance from that distress.

Nauthiz is the self-created fire, the need- fire,
created from friction/resistance to serve the needs of man
in both the mundane and the spiritual realms. It is the
will-directed action, with knowledge and wisdom, that
may act as a counterforce to the often negative powers
of orlög. This Rune's motto, by Guido von List,
"Nutze dein Schicksal, widerstrebe ihm nichte!"
(Use thy destiny, do not strive against it!) is an apt
description of this aspect of Nauthiz.

Nauthiz also symbolizes the idea of emerging into manifestation.
This idea originated with the creation of the Nornir. At that time
resistance was born in the universe, laws of causality were enacted,
and the seeds of the "destruction" of the world of the gods were planted.
This is not to be taken as a morally evil concept. The holy Nornir also
help to sustain the multiverse by watering the world-tree with water from
Urdhr's well, to keep it from withering and dying.

Because of the sexual elements contained in the symbolism of this Rune,
Nauthiz is a powerful tool in Icelandic love magick. It is also a
strong rune of protection - especially spiritual protection.

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Key Words:
Deliverance (need-fire)
Emerging into manifestation

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Galdr (Mantra):
nauthiz nauthiz nauthiz
nu na ni ne no
nudh nadh nidh nedh nodh
(nut nat nit net not)
un an in en on

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Stödhur (Positions):
I. Stand erect, with your right arm raised to the side and your
left arm slanting down to form a line with the right.
II. a) Cross-stadha (stand erect with your arms sticking straight out to your sides to form a †).
Say "ćpandi nam." b) After speaking the formula, lower your hands to your hips.

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Magickal Uses:
Overcoming distress or negative orlög.
Development of magickal will.
Development of "spiritual" powers.
Use of the force of "resistance" under will toward magickal goals.
Sudden inspiration.
Elimination of hate and strife.
Creates a need for order.
Recognition of personal need.
Love magick - to obtain a love.

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--Copied word for word from The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum

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All information in these pages comes from the following sources:

and The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum.

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