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Mannaz-Nauthiz-Odin's Rune (blank)-Othila-Raido-Sowelu-Teiwaz-Thurisaz-Uruz-Wunjo

Perth or Perthro (Proto-Germanic): device for casting lots; Pairthra (Gothic): dice cup;
Peordh (Old English): chess man (?); Not in Norse row, functions are absorbed by Nauthiz, Berkana, and Algiz Reversed.

Phonetic value: p
Esoteric interpretation of name: Divination as an indicator of orlög, the "primal laws."
Ideographic interpretation: Dice cup - as a device used for casting lots.

Perth is a cultic symbol for the force of Orlög functioning
throughout the multiverse and the way in which men and gods investigate its
workings.Orlög is most often translated to "fate," but this is much too
simplistic and unfortunately loaded with connotations of predestination and
predetermination, like that found in Christian dogma. There is no such
meaning in the Norse term: Orlög literally means "primal layers";
that is, the layers (Norse lög: "laws") of past or former action
indicated by the prefix Or, which means the most primal or basic
form of something in space or time. These self-determined layers of past
action are the laws by which the gods and men are ruled. These are not the
unchangeable laws of nature but rather the unchangeable laws by which the laws
of wights are formed by past action and by precedent. This cosmic principle is
at the base of Germanic common law. Clearly, it is a concept much like that
expressed by the Sanskrit work karma and is contrary to the
Christian predestination.

This Rune holds the mystery of the Nornir's laws.
They being the medium through which action is received
and transmuted into a projectable but basically unchanged
form and returned to the sphere from whence it came. This
is the Rune of time, and the Nornir also expresses this concept.
Their names are Urdhr, "that which has become"; Verdhandi, "that
which is becoming"; and Skuld, "that which should become" - a
non-past/present concept). Nornic force defines an aspect
of the laws of cause and effect in the multiverse, and as
such, an understanding of this force is indispensable
in the working of Rune craft.

The mystery of divination, and of synchronicity, is at the heart of Perth.
Through divination the magician is able to explore personal or transpersonal Orlög
and become aware of the Skuld-force, as well as the influences of Urdhr and Verdhandi.

Perth is the great pattern of cosmic becoming,
that should be understood in accordance with the
principles mentioned above. It symbolizes the
paradigm along which resistance between forces
is ruled and balanced by nature.

This Rune is perceived as a constant change that always stays the same.

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Key Words:
Cause and effect

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Galdr (Mantra):
perth perth perth
pu pa pi pe po
purdh pardh pirdh perdh pordh
po pe pi pa pu

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Stadha (Position):
Sit on the ground with your back straight.
Bring your knees up until your feet are flat
on the ground. Rest your elbows on your knees
with your forearms slanted forward. Face west.

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Magickal Uses:
Percetion of Orlög.
Placing runic forces in the stream of Nornic law.
To evolve ideas or events as an act of magick.

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Oracular Interpretation:

A hieratic or mystery Rune pointing to that which is beyond our frail manipulative powers.
Perth is on the side of Heaven, the Unknowable, and ahs associations with the
phoenix, that mystical bird which consumes itself in the fire and then rises from
its own ashes. Its ways are secret and hidden.

Powerful forces of change are at work here.
Yet what is achieved is not easily or readily shared.
After all, becoming whole - the means of it - is a profound secret.

On the side of the earthly or mundane, there may well be surprises, gains,
or rewards that you did not anticipate. On the side of human nature, this
Rune is symbolized by the flight of the eagle. Soaring flight, free from
entanglement, lifting yourself above the endless ebb and flow of ordinary
life to acquire broader vision - all this is indicated here.

Another of the Cycle Runes, Perth stands at the heart of Initiation.
Nothing external matters here, except as it shows you its inner reflection.
This Rune is concerned with the deepest stratum of our being, the bedrock on which
our destiny is founded. For some, Perth means experiencing a death. If need
be, let go of everything, no exceptions, no exclusions. Nothing less than renewal
of the Spirit is at stake.

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A counsel against expecting too much, or expecting in the ordinary way,
for the old way has come to an end: You simply cannot repeat the old and
not suffer. Call in your scattered energies, concentrate on your own life
at this moment, your own requirements for growth.Perth counsels you
neither to focus on outcomes nor to bind yourself with the memory of past
achievements. In doing so, you rob yourself of a true present,
the only time in which self-change can be realized.

You may feel overwhelmed with exhaustion from meeting obstruction upon obstruction in your passage.
Yet always you have a choice: You can see this apparent negativity as bad luck, or you can recognize
it as an obstacle course, a challenge specific to the Initiation you are presently undergoing. Then
each setback, each humiliation, becomes a test of character. When your inner being is shifting and
reforming on a deep level, patience, constancy and perseverance are called for. So stay centered,
see the humor, and keep your faith firm.

--Copied word for word from The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum

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All information in these pages comes from the following sources:

and The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum.

A now out of print and rare book and stones set.
It can still be bought, used, at the above link, though.

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