Oracular Interpretation Key Words Mantra Stöödhur(Positions) Magickal Uses

Mannaz-Nauthiz-Odin's Rune (blank)-Othila-Perth-Raido-Teiwaz-Thurisaz-Uruz-Wunjo-

Sowelu or Sowilo (Proto-Germanic): sun; Saugil (Gothic): sun;
Sigil (Old English):sun; Sól (Old Norse): sun

Phonetic value: s
Esoteric interpretation of name: the holy solar wheel.
Ideographic interpretation: one part of the dynamic solar wheel, which developed with the form
of a + inside of a O; or the thunderbolt.

Sowelu is the archetypal sun and its light, symbolized as the solar wheel.
The idea of the wheel turning (hvel in Old Norse) is essential to understanding
to this Rune. This turning is symbolized as the wheels of the soar wagon, Raido
and as the disk that is moved by that cosmic vehicular force. This Rune and its complex
of symbols is the center of the ancient hyperborean sun cult that was popular during the
Bronze Age. The sun was known by two special names in the North Sól, in Old Norse,
and Sunna, a name known only to the cult. In the "Alvíssmal" of the Elder Edda stanza 16 reads:

It is called Sól among men
and Sunna among the Gods.

Sól represents the phenomenon, and Sunna the noumenon,
the spiritual power that lives in the idea. The mystery of the sun is
feminine in essence, the ancient Germans considered the sun and solar
power feminine attributes.

This Rune is the magickal will that is active within every
individual and throughout the multiverse. The magick within is
expressed as the "spiritual wheels," the hvel. This word
means the exact same thing as chakra, from the Sanskrit dialect. In
this aspect it is the counterforce to the power of cosmic ice. Sowelu
has often been connected to the power of the lightning bolt and is therefore
tied to the ideas contained in thurisaz.

Eventually this Rune became known as the "victory rune"
because it is a potent willed force. When used properly
this force can bring great success and victory, But the true
victory rune, or sigrun, of the ancients was Teiwaz.

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Key Words:
Solar wheel
Magical will
Goal and path

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Galdr (Mantra):
sowelu sowelu sowelu
su sa si se so
(sul sal sil sel sol)
us as is es os
so se si sa su

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Stödhur (Positions):
I. Squat so that your calves and thighs are press together
along their entire length, with your buttocks resting on your
heels. Keep your back straight, and your arms should be tight
along the sides of your thighs.

II. Stand with your body in the form of Sowelu,
angle the arms along the sides of your body while bending
your hips and knees to form the bends in the Rune.

These stödhur are reflected by an Old Norse term
knésol (knee-sun) that describes Sowelu.

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Magickal Uses:
Strengthening of the psychic centers, hvel.
Increase in spiritual will.
Guidance through the pathways, "enlightenment."
Victory and success through individual will.

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Oracular Interpretation:

Sowelu stands for wholeness, that which our nature requires.
It embodies the impulse toward self-realization and indicates the path
you must follow, not from ulterior motives but from the core of your individuality.
Seeking after wholeness is the Spiritual Warrior's quest.
And yet what you are striving to become in actuality is what,
by nature, you already are. Become conscious of your essence and
bring it into form, express it in a creative way. A Rune of great power,
making life force available to you, Sowelu marks a time for
regeneration down to the cellular level.

Although this Rune has no reversed position,
there is reason for caution. You may see fit to
withdraw, or even to retreat in the face of a pressing
situation, especially if events or people are demanding
that you expend you energy now. Know that such a retreat
is a retreat in strength, a voyage inward for centering, for
balance. Timely retreat is among the skills of the Spiritual Warrior.

Sowelu counsels opening yourself up,
letting the light into a part of your life that
has been secret, shut away. To accomplish this may
call for a profound recognition, for admitting to
yourself something that you have long denied.

There is a prayer, known as the Gayatri,
that embodies the spirit of the Rune of Wholeness.
Address the sun in this fashion:

You who are the source of all power,
Whose rays illuminate the world,
Illuminate also my heart
So that it too can do Your work.

While reciting the Gayatri, visualize the sun's rays
streaming forth into the world, entering your heart, then streaming
out from your heart's center and back into the world.
This a powerful and life-enhancing prayer.

There is a caution here not to give yourself airs.
Even in a time of bountiful energy you are required to
face and vanquish your refusal to let right action flow
through you. Nourish this capacity, for it is a mark of true humility.

Practice the art of doing without doing:
Aim yourself truly and then maintain your aim
without manipulative effort. Meditate on Christ's
words: I can of mine own self do nothing (John
5:30). For by our own power we do nothing: Even loving,
it is Love that loves through us. This way of thinking and
being integrates new energies and permits us to flow into
wholeness, which is the ultimate goal of the Spiritual Warrior.

--Copied word for word from The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum

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All information in these pages comes from the following sources:

and The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum.

A now out of print and rare book and stones set.
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