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May You Be Blessed

Pagan Bedtime Prayers
Essene Prayers to Angels
Prayers to Angels in General
Witchcraft Prayers of Sybil Leek
Miscellaneous Pagan Prayers
Inspirational Prayers
Techniques for
Scrying the Androgyny
Contemplation & Healing
Magickal Workings

Prayers to Angels in General

The Powers
The Guardian Angel
The Angel Prayer Poem
The Essenic Gospel on Seraphim
An ancient Jewish prayer to invoke the aid of Archangels

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Essene Prayers to:


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Pagan Bedtime Prayers

Lady and Lord
A Child's Prayer
A Witch's Blessing
Magick Circle Prayer
Circle Casting Prayer
A Prayer for Protection From the Dark
A Prayer to All the Powers That Be
A Prayer to the Ruling Powers

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The Witchcraft Prayers of Sybil Leek

A Morning Prayer
Prayer Before Meals
A Grateful Incantation
Invocation for Unity of Spirit
A Prayer for the New Forest
Prayer to Gain Wisdom
A Midnight Prayer

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Miscellaneous Pagan Prayers

A Healing Prayer
Alchemist's Prayer
A Prayer for Meditation
Magickal Prayer for Love
Prayer to the Goddess of Nature

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Inspirational Prayers

The Lord's Prayer
Mother Teresa's Prayer
The Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

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Relaxation Meditations

A Tree in Winter
The Golden Meditation
A Relaxation Ritual

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Techniques For Meditation

General Techniques
Crystal Countdown
The Apple Meditation
High Ceremonial Magick

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Scrying the Androgyny

Scrying the Androgyny
Reclaiming the Strong Feminine
Training the Androgyny Warrior

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Meditations for Contemplation and Healing

An Air Meditation
An Autumn Meditation
Egyptian Sun Meditation
Releasing Negative Energy
Drawing Energy from the Earth

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Meditations that Work Magick

The Elements Meditation
Celtic Center Point Meditation
Creating a Telepathic Link with Your Partner
House Blessing Meditation
Viking Rune Meditation

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Miscellaneous Meditations

Chakra Balancing Meditation
Pink Star Meditation
Bubble of Protection Meditation
Mystical Pentagram

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The Land of Fae