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The Faery Godmother

The moon-wise godmother of the Fae wants for
us to live out lives in balance and to find
and fulfill our purpose. She offers gifts of
the heart, sun and moon - a golden apple of
Avalon (the magic Isle of Apples), the fruit
of immortality and fertile creativity, and a
crystal of pure moonlight to stimulate clear thinking.

She wears, upon her forehead, a cresent moon
as a symbol of her power. It is a receptacle
or cradle holding the sacred seeds of our future -
and a boat in which we can safely navigate the
storms of life. About her head is a dazzling
halo make of the bright sparks of faery consciousness.
These sparks form a mystical constellation that
maps out our destiny; these are the "lucky stars"
we must remember to guide ourselves by, and to thank.

When she departs the godmother becomes an owl,
a bird of wisdom and farsightedness. When
times are dark call on her to be the good mother
you're in need of to nurture your spiritual well-being.

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A Dip In The
Faery Well of Healing

The Frog Queen:

She will lead you into the well well, or healing
well, a.k.a. the need well, for it provides you
with what you need. Go into alpha and follow her
into the well and swim down into the dark and
soothing depths. Many faces peer down at you
from the distant surface of the well -
impulses and thoughts that you must leave behind.
Name them if you can, then release them and leave
them at the surface. Follow the Frog Queen deeper
and deeper, and all you no longer need will be
washed away. Deeper, deeper, deeper... You
find yourself surrounded by a golden glow its rich
golden light permeating every part of your body, of
your soul with its warmth. Rest here for as long as
you wish... then ask this faery for whatever you feel
you need most. Grasp the golden ball of light that she
offers you and hold it close to your heart, its bouyancy
will lift you back to the surface. As you break
through to the air, the ball will become a part of
you, radiating faery warmth, light, and power deep
inside of you. As you emerge from the well feel
light, refreshed, and clear, rembering to thank the
Frog Queen for her help. She tells you that you are
welcome to return to the well anytime you
feel the need.
-excerpt from Faeries by Brian Froud

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Faery Prayer

This offering can be used as either a daily
prayer or ritual invocation.

To begin, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. You may want to light a Faery Candle to help you draw in the energies of the Sidhe. Sit comfortably, relaxing your body with rhythmic breathing. Allow your mind to settle, releasing any errant thoughts. When you feel completely calm and at peace, ring a small bell three times, and begin your prayer. As you speak, visualize images of the Good Folk. See the light of their spirits gathering all around you. Say the prayer one or three times, and then ring the bell seven times. Wait in silence for any communion or communication the Faery might offer.

Mist-clad in the light of the moon
Starspun seekers - I search for thee!
Faery light - I ask thy boon
Of branch and thorn and Elder tree!
Wood woven creatures, shadow weavers
River keepers - come to me!
Just beyond reaching
Never in keeping
Spirits of Faery - I call unto thee!
Wind-hewn wildness
Dark and brightness
Spiral enchantments - born of the sky!
Cradle me with eleven hands,
Abide with me, thy human child!

When you are ready to return to your ordinary consciousness, ring the bell three times and with deep full breaths, inhale vital energy and vitality. Record any special experiences in a journal so that you will retain them in full detail.

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Faerie Love Spell

Make a stone circle in a magical place outdoors, preferably near a lake or running stream. Make the circle, with 16 stones or rocks, large enough to sit comfortably inside of. Sweep the middle for a small altar. Locate the 4 directions, and place the following just outside the stones:

South - a bowl of salt
North - a pink quartz crystal
East - two willow limbs
West - a bowl of spring water

In the center of the circle place an incense burner, light a piece of charcoal in it, and burn dried flowers along with willow, oak, and birch leaves. Sprinkle mistletoe on the ground around the burner. Hold a willow or ash twig in your hand and sing the following chant:

"I am a druid,
I am a witch,
Faeries bring me love.
I have a wand,
I have a switch,
Faeries bring me love."

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Gifts Bestowed Upon Humans by the Fae

Awenyddion- The power of poetic insight that might be given to a person while they are in a trance. The receiver becomes rapt in ecstasy, during which he or she might say things that sound like nonsense, because they are vague, apparently contradictory, and highly figurative.

Fth Fiada- A magick mist that makes those under it invisible or, occasionally, transform into animals.

Glm dcenn- A curse that only a poet can cast. The poet must stand on one leg, close one eye, and extend one arm, and then speak the words of the desired curse. This is a very potent weapon, capable of causing physical injury or even death.

Second sight- The power to "see" events, often unpleasant, that have yet to occur. It does not cause events to take place, nor is there any particular joy in seeing them.

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Plants for
Attraction and Protection

Four Leafed Clover- Seven grains of wheat laid on top of a four-leafed clover will enable one to see faeries.

Gorse- A prickly hedge grown to protect one's home against faeries, they can't get through it.

Peonies- Hang the seeds and roots around your neck to protect yourself from mischievous faeries and imps.

Straw- Attracts faeries, they are believed to live inside the straws.

Thyme- Wear it to see faeries.

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