There are two forms of incense: combustible and noncombustible.
Noncombustible is the easiest and safest form to make,
combustible is usually easier to purchase ready-made in
the form of cones and sticks. However, finding the right
blend can sometimes be difficult. So, if you'd like to
create your own special blend of incense then here are
some recipes to get you started...

Noncombustible Incense Using Noncombustible Incense
On the Subject of Oils Cones Smudge Sticks

Noncombustible Incense

You'll need store bought charcoal discs or a single block of
every day bar-b-que charcoal for burning. See recipes
for instructions. Be sure you have all the necessary ingredients
and that each ingredient is finely ground, preferably to a powder,
using either a mortar and pestle or an electric grinder.
Some resins won't powder easily, but with practice you'll find the
right touch. When all is ready, fix your mind on the incense's goal-
in this case faery contact. In a large wooden or ceramic bowl,
mix the resins and gums together with your hands. While combining
the substances, also mix their energies. See your personal power -
vibrating with your magical goal - exiting your hands and entering
the incense. This is what makes homemade incense more effective
than the store bought stuff. Next, add all the powdered leaves,
barks, flowers,and roots. As you mix, continue to concentrate on
the incense's purpose. Now add any oils or liquids that are included
in the recipe. Just a few drops are usually enough.

Once everything is thoroughly combined, add any powdered
gemstones or other power boosters, if called for, or if you'd
just like to. To produce the gemstone powder, just take a
small stone of that which you've chosen to use and pound it
in a metal mortar and pestle (or simply smash it with a hammer
against a hard surface). Grind the resulting pieces into
a powder and add no more than the scantest pinch to the incense.
(Amber will increase the power of any incense, but it's a little
costly.) The incense is now completely compounded. Empower the
incense, and it is done. Store in a tightly capped jar. Label
carefully, including the name of the incense and date of composition.
It's ready for use when needed.

-The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, & Brews
by Scott Cunningham

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On the subject of oils:

If there is a sufficient amount of dry ingredients in the recipe,
you can substitute an oil for an herb you lack. Just be sure to
use an essential oil, synthetics smell like burning plastic when smoldered.

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Using Noncombustible Incense

Light a self-igniting charcoal block and place it in a censer.
Once the block is glowing and the saltpeter within has stopped
sparking, sprinkle a half-teaspoon or so of the incense on the
block. It will immediately begin to burn, releasing it's
fragrant smoke. Remember: Start with a small amount of incense
at first. When the smoke begins to thin out, add more. Don't
knock off the ash that forms on top of the charcoal unless the
incense starts to smell bad. In such a case, scrape off the
burning incense and the ash with a spoon and add a fresh batch.
Frankincense tends to smell odd after smoldering for some time.

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Incense Cones

4 tsp. sandalwood powder
1 tsp. gum Arabic
20 tsp. of any combination of dried herbs
C saltpeter C spring water (not tap water)

Combine the first three ingredients and last two ingredients
separately. Add the saltpeter and spring water blend to the
base mixture a little at a time, until it resembles a dough.
Shape this dough into small cones and set them where the sun
can dry them for several days. Store until ready to use.

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Smudge Sticks

Begin with 8 cuttings of herbs still on their stalks (sage,
lavender, and lemongrass are good choices). Tightly gather a
1 bundle together, binding it tightly at the top using
cotton string wrapped around it, multiple times. Next,
continue to hold the bundle firmly together (this needs to be
very dense) and take 16 of cotton string (synthetic strings
smolder and melt), crisscrossing it all the way down the length
of the bundle at 1 intervals, knotting at each interval. Tie
it off at the bottom. Burn this in lieu of incense to deter bad
odors and lift the energy in a home. Douse the lit end with cold
water after use, and hang up to dry.

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